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Yuan Fu Vegetarian

798 Rockville Pike
Rockville MD 20852

Business Hours:
11:00 Am to 9:00 Pm

(Open seven days a week)

(The prices update by the Restaurant Menu)

No Checks Accepted
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($10 minimum order)


"Yuan Fu is a small package that makes big statement"
--Tom Sietsema, Washington Post Magazine, April 29, 2001
   Washington Jewish Week 2000 * Washington Post 1998

Eat Healthy, Live Happy

Welcome to the Yuan Fu Vegetarian Restaurant! We are proud to serve you a variety of delicious and healthy dishes, which have been carefully selected by our owner, Chef Tai, who has over 30 years of experience in vegetarian cuisine.

Although we adopted animal names for our cuisine, they are made from vegetable products. The names of the dishes are just a creative way to show you the variety of our wondrous vegetarian culture. All of the imitation meats and seafood are made from vegetable products. For example, beef and pork are made of gluten; chicken is made of soybean protein; duck is made of layers of tofu skin; fish is made of soybean protein and seaweed; baby shrimp and squid are made of Japanese style white yam. Besides, all dishes are cooked in pure vegetable oil. We serve nut products in our restaurant and do not use any M.S.G. or dairy products in our cooking. If you have any food allergies, please alert our staff members when ordering.

We have a Non-Fat menu consisting only of steamed dishes to help safeguard your health and maintain your diet.

Enjoy our genuine cuisine while you are with us at Yuan Fu Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant!

Our Menu:
Appetizers / Soup Lunch Special / Chef's Special / Seafood / Chicken / Gluten-Free / Soft-Tofu / Fried-Tofu/ Vegetables / None-Fat / Gallery 1 / Gallery 2 / Fried Rice / Noodle / Dessert / Beverage

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